1. Jereme –
    can you tell me whether a print is available for your picture Leaping Lovers – or the original. This was posted on your site on Feb 9th 2008.
    Please email me with information.

  2. Hi
    Unfortunately the original is not available (I painted over it) but if you follow this link you can buy prints of my work http://jereme.redbubble.com/
    I could paint another version of the original for you. Painted in oils on a deep edge canvas measuring 75cm x 75cm would cost £350 plus shipping.

  3. Hi there Jereme –
    several years have passed and I regret not acting on my initial enquiry about Leaping Lovers. Is the offer still open for you to paint another version or have you moved onto other things now and too long ago to go back to this? Thanks,

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